Dartmouth E-Term Program

The collaborative relationship between Dartmouth College and Northern Stage provides Dartmouth theater students and alumni with extraordinary access to a fully professional and nationally renowned theater company. The Dartmouth campus is located just 10 minutes from Northern Stage, and the close relationship between Northern Stage and Dartmouth College provides students with an important stepping-stone from the study of theater to the practice of theater as a professional endeavor. Internships are offered in acting, directing, production and arts administration for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“As a member of the Dartmouth theater faculty and Producing Artistic Director of Northern Stage, I am proud to offer the opportunity for our students to receive hands-on training with nationally renowned artists and administrators. The journey to a career in the theater is made much smoother for students who are given the firm foundation of real world professional experience,” says Dunne. “Dartmouth College has one of the most expansive theater departments in the Ivy League, and our relationship with Northern Stage deepens our students’ understanding of and ability to create theater for the future.”

Northern Stage offers two internship programs for Dartmouth students – the Experiential Term (or “E-Term”) is designed to give current undergraduate students the opportunity to gain experience working in a professional theater during an off-term, while the Post Graduate Internship is a year-long position to help recent graduates transition into working in a professional theater environment.

More information and application materials for the “E-Term” can be found HERE.

More information and application materials for the Post Graduate Internship can be found HERE.