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In appreciation of your loyalty and generosity, we offer a variety of benefits designed to give DC Members access to the artists, leaders, and craft of Northern Stage. A full listing of benefits, events and dates will be sent to you when you renew or join.

  • To download a printable PDF of the Director’s Circle Brochure, click here.
  • To download our season brochure, which denotes Insider Events in the calendar section on pages 16-23, click here.
  • To download a printable Membership form for our upcoming 2018-19 Season, click here or to join on line, click here.


DC INSIDER EVENTS —  Designed to bring you closer to the artists and craft of Northern Stage, our Insider Events include: Script Club ~ Tech Talks ~ The Playground Series ~ Invited Tech ~ Cocktails with the Company ~ additional special events as scheduled.

$1,500 – $2,999:
2 Gifted Subscriptions;
2 DC Member Vouchers* for each production

$10,000 or more:
2 Gifted Subscriptions;
6 DC Member Vouchers* for each production.


The Pay-it-Forward program allows Northern Stage to share your generosity with our community. When you return any or all of your unneeded *DC Member Vouchers, Northern Stage can offer free tickets to underserved community members. We’ll bring new people to the theater, offer them an exciting and relevant artistic experience, and create more diverse audiences. Please note: This program is for your DC Member vouchers only, not purchased tickets or Subscription Tickets received as a benefit of membership.  

Interested in changing lives with the gift of theater? Please check the Pay-It-Forward box on your DC Membership Form or return your vouchers to the Box Office at least 2 weeks prior to a show start for maximum benefit to our shared community. Thank you for this extraordinary generosity!

For more information, please contact or 802-296-7000 ext 117.

**Please note: while donations to Northern Stage are tax-deductible, subscription tickets are considered goods received. You will receive receipt following payments made with a breakdown of the tax-deductible portion of your gift.