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July 27-30, 2023

A special collaboration with Northern Stage and The Hopkins Center

Written and Composed by César Alvarez
Directed by Sarah Benson

A bunch of musicians decide that society is broken, and since music is the blueprint for everything, they set out to make music that models a society they actually want to live in. As the show unravels into a dreamlike explosion of song and dance, the audience steps into a creative role. NOISE is a participatory theatrical celebration that sings across the history of music, and into the future, in a collective effort to invent a better world.

The brainchild of writer/composer César Alvarez (, NOISE is directed by Sarah Benson and created by an interdisciplinary team of collaborators. The Hop brings this brilliant, open-hearted production to life, presented as a special engagement at Northern Stage. 

It’s an incisive and joyful new work. A musical-in-the-making. And kind of a party.