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This live online reading of Elisabeth Gordon’s Small Town Trilogy took place on Friday, June 26 at 7:30 PM. If you missed the event, click the button below to watch. Enjoy!
Featuring Irene Green, Christopher Jacobs, Danielle Cohen, Charlotte Albright, Christopher Flockton, John Griesemer, and Gordon Clapp, Small Town Trilogy is three 10-minute plays – The Dogwalker, Can You Hear Me Now?, and Downtown Crossing – inspired by the playwright’s reading of the local town list serve.

From Playwright Elisabeth Gordon:

“These plays grew out of an idea to write a play based on our town list serve. After I moved to Boston, I realized that I could pretty much tell what was going on in town–who was moving, what the issue of the day was–just by reading the town list serve.
That format seemed like a perfect basis for a ten-minute play, with each character being one of the people who posts messages to the list serve. The first play was The Dogwalker. It was performed at the Boston Theatre Marathon in 2015. We then performed it with this group of actors at the Norwich Town Hall right before the Open meeting in March. I thought of it as a way to give a little ‘gift’ to the town on which the play is based.
I subsequently wrote Can You Hear Me Now? and Downtown Crossing, also based on actual issues faced by the town. They have also been performed at Town Meeting. The first two plays have also been featured by Northern Stage as part of Thirsty Theater.
The current COVID crisis and the subsequent rise in the use of Zoom as a medium to host meetings inspired me to think about this a potential way to present all three plays in one evening. Since they are linked plays, I think it will be interested to see them sequentially.”