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Backstage@Northern Stage: Oslo

Are you fascinated by foreign politics? Have you wondered what goes into producing professional theater? This course will lead you on a journey from page to stage as we kick off Northern Stage’s 22nd season with Oslo, a sweeping political drama by JT Rogers. Inspired by the true story of the back-channel talks, unlikely friendships, and quiet heroics that led to the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords between the Israelis and Palestinians, this Tony Award-winning drama is a deeply personal story set against a complex historical canvas. This course is a series of experiential workshops and discussions led by members of Northern Stage’s Leadership Team, special guests including former Egyptian Ambassador Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, and members of the Oslo design team and cast.

Topics may include:
• From Politics to Performance: Delve into the political context and real-life events behind JT Rogers’ Oslo with Producing Artistic Director Carol Dunne, Oslo Director Peter Hackett, and special guest Ezzedine Choukri Fishere
• Managing a Theater: An insider’s look at the balancing act of the not-for-profit theater scene with Managing Director Eric Bunge
• Design to Reality: Meet members of our production and design team and discover the process of bringing designs to life
• Playing Politics: Members of the Oslo company shed light on the actor’s process from casting through performance
• Plus, additional special events

4 sessions, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, September 7 through September 28, 2018

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The Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning at Dartmouth (Osher@Dartmouth) was established by the College as the Institute for Lifelong Education at Dartmouth (ILEAD) in November 1990 by 38 members of the Upper Valley intrigued with the “idea of continued learning.” The founders relished the challenge of their own self-administered and peer-taught discussion programs. By 2010, the 20th anniversary of Osher@Dartmouth, over 25,700 people have participated in the institutes programs.

The program is open to everyone, though Osher@Dartmouth does charge an annual membership fee. There are no enrollment criteria or educational prerequisites. Members may enroll in any the Osher@Dartmouth course they wish, and will receive first notice of upcoming lectures and events. Membership will often qualify you for a special discounted price on many of our special trips and workshops.

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