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Join us for our 2023-24 Season! 

Members of the 2021-22 Director's Circle. Photo by Leah Tremondozzi.
Being a member of the Director’s Circle makes me feel a part of the Northern Stage family. I think often about how lucky we are to have such an exceptional theater in our midst, and how empty our lives would be without it!!” – Brucie Hubbell

“In our small communities it’s not often we find arts organizations whose quality rivals that of the best theaters in the country. We have that in Northern Stage. Being Director’s Circle members lets us observe the organization up close, and provides the financial support to help them continue to produce extraordinary theater experiences.”  – Jon & Wendy Spector

Membership Makes a Difference

The Northern Stage Director’s Circle is a membership program offering arts lovers the next level of access to and engagement with the theater; benefits include behind-the scenes-access, ticketing perks, and special event invitations. Members most commonly renew each spring, investing in the next upcoming season months before rehearsals get underway. Membership benefits include:
Early subscription renewal and ticket booking: Members have the opportunity to book their tickets months in advance of the general public, offering your pick of the very best possible dates & seats.
Script Clubs: Gain insight into every production as you observe rehearsal and engage in discussion with members of the creative team.
Waived ticket exchange fees: Plans changed? No problem! Swap your tickets for any other performance of a given production with no additional fees. 
Cocktail hours: Bring a friend, enjoy a pre-show glass of wine, and get to know other director’s circle members!
Invitations and first access: Members receive advance notice of and/or exclusive invites to events and experiences throughout the year, including workshops, education classes, play readings – and of course the season preview party, revealing the lineup of productions for each coming season.

Additional Benefits:

$750 – $1,499

• 2 guest vouchers per season* 

$1,500 – $2,999
2 main stage season subscriptions*
• 2 guest vouchers per season*  

$3,000 – $4,999
• 2 main stage season subscriptions*
• 4 guest vouchers per season*
• Annual behind-the-scenes tour with Director of Production

$5,000 – $9,999
• 2 main stage season subscriptions*
• 6 guest vouchers per season*
• Annual behind-the-scenes tour with Director of Production
• Designer run/technical rehearsal invitations for selected productions
• Customized artistic experiences

• 2 main stage season subscriptions*
• 8 guest vouchers per season*
• Annual behind-the-scenes tour with Director of Production
• Designer run/technical rehearsal invitations for selected productions
• Annual private dinner with the Artistic Director
• Customized artistic experiences

*denotes membership benefits carrying a cash value

ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS: A Northern Stage subscription consists of one ticket to each mainstage production per season (two subscriptions maximum per Director’s Circle membership of $1500 or more). Subscriptions carry a cash value of $220 each, which must be excluded from tax reporting.  

ABOUT GUEST VOUCHERS: A guest voucher is a certificate good for one complimentary ticket. Each individual voucher carries a cash value of $20. Guest vouchers may be redeemed for tickets to any professional or education production in the 2023-24 Northern Stage Season, with the exception of our 2023 holiday season production of A Christmas Carol. We hope you will use these vouchers to introduce Northern Stage to your friends, acquaintances, and family! 

To reserve tickets using your vouchers, call the box office at (802) 296-7000. Reservations must be under the guest’s name, and vouchers must be presented to the box office to collect tickets. All seats are subject to availability, so advance reservations are strongly recommended.

ABOUT TAX-DEDUCTIBILITY: Northern Stage is a 501(c) (3) registered non-profit. A portion of most Memberships is tax-deductible as a charitable gift according to current U.S. tax law. Your acknowledgment will state the allowed gift amount. You may also choose to waive your benefits to increase your likely tax deduction. 

Due to tax regulations, donors who give through Donor Advised Funds cannot receive any Director’s Circle benefits carrying a monetary value; however, donors may choose to pay for those benefits separately to receive greater deduction.  We recommend checking with tax or financial advisor(s) to ensure proper tax documentation in all cases.

*PLEASE NOTE: By clicking the button below, you will be re-directed to the online Director’s Circle membership donation form. If you are interested in creating a monthly or quarterly payment plan for your membership, or setting up a recurring membership in the Director’s Circle, or for more information, please contact Ruth Ann Pattee at or 802-296-7000 ext. 123.

Thank you to our 2022/23 Season Director's Circle Members:

Emily & Errik Anderson
The Barrette Family Fund
The Helen Gurley Brown Foundation
The Burkehaven Family Foundation
The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Couch Family Foundation
Dale F. & Christine Eickelman
Philip & Alicia Hammarskjold
Penny & Stuart Johnson
Ellen & Jim Lynch
Jack & Teresa Lyons
Amy & Henry Nachman
Linda & Rick Roesch
Peter Saccio
Wendy & Jonathan Spector
Bonnie & Clint Swift
Gail & John Wasson

$3,000 – $9,999
Brooke & Jim Adler
Heywood Alexander
Jennifer & Paul Argenti
Peter & Ruth Bleyler
Alfred & Karen Blum
Ann & Edward Craxton
Bea & Tony Edgar
Susan & William Edwards
Jim Feuille & Nancy Murray
Barbara & Ivor Freeman
Michael & Barbara Gerling
Janet Miller Haines
Romer & Deming Holleran
Brucie Hubbell
Gary and Sandra Johnson
Laurie & Sven Karlen
Bob & Jean Keene
Joan Kinne
Debbie & Roger Klene
Brenda Mainer & Bob Wetzel
Lu Martin
Martha McDaniel & Stephen K. Plume
Judy & Thomas Oxman
Abbie & Don Penfield
Jay & Susan Pierson
Martha & Steve Richardson
Kathryn Smith
Harry & Suzanne Tether
Hunt & Lynne Whitacre

$1,800 – $2,999
Sandie Anderson & Reeve Williams
Jeannie Baer & Michael Miller
Lola Baldwin
Annie Bauer
Jack & Scilla Benson
Susan Brown
Deborah & Keith Chrisman
Fred & Sophia Crawford
Mary B. Doyle
Louis & Sherry Edmonds
Mickey & Margery Elsberg
Catherine B. Foss
Arthur Gardiner
Ann Gormley & Richard Wallace
David & Nancy Grant
Joey & John Hawkins
Dave & Kate Hewitt
James & Nancy Horton
Carola Lea
Daniel S. Longnecker
Betsy Maislen & Bill Schults
Charlotte Metcalf
Miles & Patrice Mushlin
David & Mary Otto
Thomas & Janet Paul
Bob & Norah Peterson
Ed & Pam Piper
Amy Redpath
Martha & John Robb
Diane & Sabino Romano
Andrew & Terry Samwick
John & Karen Sanders
Jill & John Schiffman
Gary & Lynn Schwartz
Jean & Mike Smith
Elizabeth & Matt Stedina
Posie Taylor
Cathy & Peter Volanakis
Tim Wagg
Carolyn & Stephen Whitman
Jenny and Stan Williams
Susan Zuccotti

$1,200 – $1,799
Gert & Jan Assmus
Christine & Donald Bartlett
James & Judith Bernat
Bucy Family Fund
Marion & Ken Burchard
Lisa Cashdan & Peter Stein
Wynne DeMille
Deecie Denison
Carol Dunne & Peter Hackett
Brian & Susan Edwards
Harriet & Rick Fingeroth
Maggie & John Ford
Roger Friend
Richard & Kathy Sherlock-Green
Paul Gross & Peggy Sadler
Fiona Heaney
Tina & Bill Helm
David & Deborah Hoffer
Andre & Kelly Hunter
Margaret Hunton
Margaret Jackson
Debra & John Jayne
Rita & Win Johnson
Barbara H. Jones
John & Holly Kania
Alison & Nirav Kapadia

$1,200 – $1,799 Cont.
Al & Joan Keiller
Paul & Joyce Killebrew
Davis & Katie Kitchel
Linda Mackay
Fred & Sue Mackler
Linda & Roger McWilliams
Carolyn & Peter Mertz
David & Peggy Mitchell
Ken & Nan Munsey
Elizabeth & Henry Nelson
Margaret Parsons & James Wilson
Bill & Sylvia Paxton
Nancy Philips
Patricia Polk
John Reese
Heidi Reynolds
Stan Rinehart & Carolyn Watson
Barbara & David Roby
Lucian Snow & Elizabeth Wilcox
James & Devereaux Socas
Carol & Hal Sox
Wendy & Jonathan Spector
Barbara & Dennis Stern
Lynda Sullivan & Mark Sachleben
Linda & Steven Tofel
Nathan Watson & Curt Columbus

$500 – $1199
Beyhan Aksel
David & Mary Allen
Virginia Allison
Connie Anderson, in memory of Orson St. John, Jr.
James & Jane Barrett

Barbara Barry & Michael Pacht
Elizabeth Bengtson
Ellen & Michael Bettmann
Jim & Leeli Bonney

Robert Braitman & Bonnie Gordon
William & Jean Brown
Robin Caissie & Stephen O’Dwyer
Peter & Debbie Carter
Bill Chester
Richard Cofrancesco & Diane Kemble
Jeffrey Cohen & Renee Vebell
Jim & Jean Connolly
Lisa & Richard Correa
Matt Delmont & Jacqueline Wernimont
Patricia Dickens & Robert Leaton

Gail & J. Allen Dougherty
Sandi Eaton
Stephen Ensign
Anne & John Felde
Heidi Fishman & David Smith
Jim & Susan Ford

Don Foster
Linda & Steve Fowler
Katie Frorer
Milton & Carolyn Frye

Pamela & John Gerstmayr
Mary Victor Giersch

Stephen & Mary Gorman
Kelli Guss
The Hafner Roberts Family
Debbie J. Hall
Debby Hall & Mike Woods
Jan Hall
Fran & Josie Hanlon
Laurie Harding & Peter Mason
Anne Hartmann
Betty Heston
Kermit & Barbara Hummel
Fred Hunt & Mary MacVey
Marie & Robert Jaarsma
Patricia Jackson
Jeff Kavy
Alyssa & Whit Kelley
Ben & Susan Kelley-Outten
Jenn & John Langhus
David Lemal
Josh & Tess Lewis
Bud & Terri Lynch
Julie & Peter Machen
Ann & David Malenka
Craig & Ebba McArt
Nina & Scott McCampbell
Christine McKenna
Nini & Rob Meyer
Jill Michaels
Ashley & Peter Milliken
Corb Moister, Jr.
Dan Moriarty
David & Joan Nierenberg
Mark & Nancy Pageau
Gita Patel
Adam & Merritt Patridge
Bill & Sylvia Paxton
Anne Peyton
Dan & Rickey Poor
Jane Quimby
Ned & Cathie Redpath
Nancy Rosenthal
Sally & Jeremy Rutter
Dan & Kiki Schneider
Anne Segal
E. Michael & Lori Shipulski
David Singer & Toni Vendetti
Dudley & Julie Smith
Cynthia & Jonathan Stableford
John & Lynne Stahler
Peter & Kimberly Stern
Pat Stewart
Marilyn & Skip Sturman
Jane Van Bremen
Louise Welch
Katherine Wilkerson
Bill & Linda Williams
Fadia Williamson
John & Perry Williamson
Joanne Wise
Christopher & Jaqueline Wren
Susan DeBevoise Wright
Marcia Wright
Jim Young, Jr.