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Ana Laura Santana in LB for website. Photo by Kata Sasvari

Core Boot Camp Company Training

1. Audition Monologues (10 sessions)
2. Voice Lessons (1x per Week, Total: 30 lessons)
3. Vocal Coaching (1x per Month, Total 8 lessons)
4. Dance Classes (2x per Week)
5. On-On-One Dance Prescreen (4 sessions)
6. Group Audition Master Classes (2x per Month, Total: 10 Boot Camp Days)
7. College Application Guidance
8. College Summer Sprint Week (1 week in August)
9. Professional Headshot & Resume
10. Boot Camp Audition Showcase (2 performances – 1 local, 1 NYC)
11. NYC Audition Trip
12. YES Main Stage Days
13. YES Spring Main Stage Musical
14. Summer Musical Theater Intensive)

2021-22 Boot Camp Company Overview (All Dates Subject to Change*) 

COLLEGE SUMMER SPRINT WEEK: August 15 – 21, 2021 
Boot Camp College counselor, Michele Caccavaro, and Director of Boot Camp, Eric Love, will work with Scholars to prepare their college application and audition materials including finalizing their list of schools and working on college essays.

1st SEMESTER: August 23, 2021 – December 11, 2022 (16 Weeks)
Scholars will work with coaches across disciplines to prepare prescreen videos and train for college auditions.

HOLIDAY BREAK: December 11, 2021 – January 2, 2022 (3 Weeks)
SHOWCASE & NYC AUDITION TRIP: January 3 – January 23 (3 Weeks)
Scholars will present their audition pieces in a showcase to be performed at Northern Stage and in NYC and travel to NYC to complete college auditions and experience Broadway Theater.

POST AUDITION BREAK: January 24 – February 13 (3 Weeks)
Scholars will continue to train and hone their skills in preparation for the spring musical, summer musical theater intensive, and college.

2nd SEMESTER: February 14 – May 1 (11 Weeks) 
Scholars will shift their focus to applying for scholarships, visiting schools, and choosing a college while participating in the spring musical.

Summer Musical Theater Intensive: June 27 – July 31
Scholars will celebrate their accomplishments by acting in the Summer Musical Theater Intensive and preparing for college or their senior year of high school.

*In your junior year you will participate alongside the seniors and complete all aspects of the program aside from the actual college applications.


The Boot Camp Company is not for everyone. It is an intensive program specially designed for young actors who are passionate about deepening their theater training and applying for colleges. When considering Boot Camp candidates, Northern Stage is looking for three qualities: 

Talent: You must demonstrate that you are ready for rigorous, advanced theater training. For BFA minded seniors, you must be ready to compete with thousands of applicants for a handful of spots. 

Desire: You need to want it. A Boot Camper needs to be excited to put hundreds of hours into their training and willing to make sacrifices like missing a party for rehearsal or spending your Sunday working on college applications. 

Need: It is central to our mission that Boot Camp is a need-based program. Students applying for this program need to fill out a scholarship application. When considering whether you qualify as need-based, start with the following question, “Could your family pay for the lessons, college application fees, trip to NYC, summer program, and other features of this program on your own?” If the answer is no, we encourage you to apply to this program. If the answer is yes, please contact Director of Education Robert David Grant for a follow-up conversation.

Boot Camp is made possible through the generosity of the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation.
What our past students have to say about the program:

“Boot Camp gave me all the opportunity and just asked me to give effort and have discipline.”
– David Stark

“Getting accepted into college immediately after my first audition in the city was the most phenomenal feeling in the world.”
– Emmy Masteller

“For the first time I am excited for what my future holds.”
– Rylee Pauling

“Boot Camp is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
– Kyle Mason

For more information about the program or how to apply, contact Assistant Director of Education Sam Empey at