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Clint and Bonnie Swift | John and Gail Wasson

Northern Stage’s BridgeUp: Theater in the Schools program provides young artists with experiences that go beyond the classroom, teaching them the value of creativity, imagination, collaboration, and fearlessness in the face of challenges.

Thanks to an extremely generous commitment from Clint & Bonnie Swift and John & Gail Wasson, if we raise $40,000 your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

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“When you see testimonials from 4th to 6th grade students (aka BridgeUp Scholars), their parents, teachers & Northern Stage teaching artists, the LIFE-CHANGING benefits and impact of  BridgeUp: Theater in the Schools comes through loud & clear. WE ALSO LOVE BRIDGEUP’S LONG LEGS.” 
– Clint & Bonnie Swift

A Few Testimonials…

VERMONT GOVERNOR PHIL SCOTT: “By bringing theater to rural and low-income districts, you are introducing students to new experiences they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to enjoy. In focusing your efforts on those communities which need them the most, you open a world of oration, performance, and confidence building to our students.”

Question: What was your favorite part of this program?
Answer: “I made my parents proud.”

LANNI LUCE WEST, 4TH GRADE TEACHER AT DOTHAN BROOK, HARTFORD, VT: Thank you… you took a boy who can barely read and got him to recite Shakespeare. You took an autistic boy and gave him his dream role. You took a girl with depression and applauded her acting talents. You gave our students more than we  could ever explain.”

PARENT: “Thanks to this amazing program my daughter now sees herself as something new, different and someone who can try new things and succeed and even enjoy them! And that working hard does pay off: that is a very valuable life lesson.”

NORTHERN STAGE TEACHING ARTIST: “Every day, we get to watch students be brave and take  risks, get in touch with their emotions, listen genuinely, find their voices, stay cool under  pressure, and pursue a large goal as a team. This program makes manifest the transformative power of connection through storytelling and is the epitome of Northern Stage’s mission: to change lives, one story at a time.”

“The opportunities for students through the BridgeUP: Theater in the Schools program is and has been TRANSFORMATIVE for so many students, providing them with not just an incredible theater education but also a community of support that inspires students to take a chance, find their voice, and shine! We are thrilled to support this wonderful program and hope you will JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
– John and Gail Wasson

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All Photos by Kata Sasvari