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New Works Now 8.0: January 2021

Drive by Deborah Yarchum
Enough by Celeste Jennings
Shook by Alexis Scheer and  Zoe Sarnak 

New Works Now 7.0: January 2020

Machine Learning by Francisco Mendoza
Poor Clare by Chiara Atik
I Hope She’ll Be Okay People by Amy Staats

New Works Now 6.0: January 2019

Choices People Make by Jessica Andrewartha
Where Are We Going? by Kate Benson
Citrus by Celeste Jennings
Thirsty Theater: Deaccession by Todd Cerveris
Thirsty Theater: Can You Hear Me Now? by Elisabeth Gordon

New Works Now 5.0:  January 2018

It’s Fine, I’m Fine. by Stephanie Everett
The Coup, Libretto by Rebekah Greer Melocik, Story by Rebekah Greer Melocik and Victor Lesniewski, Music by Jacob Yandura
Jane Burgoyne by Robert Moulthrop
Thirsty Theater: The Dual by Jack Neary

New Works Now 4.0: December 2016 – January 2017

Yesterday (later titled Only Yesterday) by Bob Stevens (World Premiere: Northern Stage 2018)
Portugal by Elizabeth Heffron
She Exits, Laughing (later titled Venus Rising) by Marisa Smith
Piece Of by Tasha Gordon-Solmon
Thirsty Theater: Runway Lounge by Elisabeth Gordon
Thirsty Theater: Polar Bear Swim by Marisa Smith

New Works Now 3.0: January 2016

Letting Go by Joe Sutton
The Standby Lear by John W. Lowell
The Calamity by Christopher Wall
Trick or Treat by Jack Neary (World Premiere: Northern Stage 2017,
Off-Broadway Transfer: 59E59 Theaters 2019)
Thirsty Theater: Welcome to the Beekman Arms by Marisa Smith
Thirsty Theater: The Dog Walker by Elisabeth Gordon

New Works Now 2.0: January 2015

Here Today (later titled Only Yesterday) by Bob Stevens (World Premiere: Northern Stage 2018)
The Land Where the King is a Child by Henri De Montherlant, adapted by Wayne Lawson and Julian Sancton
The Last Queen of Canaan, Book by Harrison Rivers, Lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik, Music by Jacob Yandura

New Works Now 1.0: January 2014

Mad Love by Marisa Smith (World Premiere: Northern Stage 2016, NJ Repertory Production 2016)
The Reluctant Lesbian by Kate Mulley
Orwell in America by Joe Sutton (World Premiere: Northern Stage 2015, Off-Broadway Transfer: 59E59 Theaters 2016)