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On Any Given Winter Wednesday Night

by Alan Haehnel
Directed by Jaclyn Pageau
In every home, behind every door, there is a story.  In this staged reading, Northern Stage’s Youth Ensemble Studio brings a small town to life with a patchwork of stories that delve into the teenage experience. On Any Given Winter Wednesday Night is a beautiful, funny, and poignant play by local playwright Alan Haehnel.

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Portraits of the Pandemic

Written by Northern Stage Education Students
Curated by Director of Education Eric Love
This past spring 34 young actors from 6th to 12th grade participated in our Portraits of the Pandemic education program. Each week, the students responded to creative writing prompts and then gathered online to share their experiences. Director of Education Eric Love will curate their writing into a devised theater piece that will dive into the first eight weeks of the pandemic from the teenage prospective. This winter, their stories will take you on a roller coaster of emotions as they search for how to live in a new world.